Cargo transportation by sea

You can rely on 1st Containers, to supply or modify the perfect shipping container.

Shipping has always been one of the most economically favourable ways of moving goods across great distances in large quantities, and it remains so today. This is also one of the transportation niches where 1st Containers has large amounts of experience and knowledge, having provided services to large-scale clients for many years.

1st Containers has adopted a general strategy for domestic and international shipping. Our strategy allows us to handle large and small projects with equal efficiency and strict adherence to deadlines. We pride ourselves on our good customer services and our large amounts of varied stock.

Our shipping service relies on the principle of containerised transport, with shipping containers provided directly by 1st Containers. Customers can decide whether to hire the entire container for their own purposes, or to participate in our consolidation program and share the space with another client who ships goods to the same location. This is a very cost-effective approach that allows 1st Containers to offer competitive prices while providing an expedient, first-class service tailored specifically to the needs of each client.

In addition to providing containers, 1st Containers can also modify or convert shipping containers to ensure they are ideal for purpose. This work is undertaken by our in-house team of engineers, reducing your costs and ensuring a consistent high quality finish. Thanks to our unique ability to cover all aspects of seaborne transportation, we believe we offer our customers an outstanding level of service.

1st Containers provides clients with additional options while at the same time creating considerable savings and ensuring fast delivery, ultimately making the shipping operation more efficient and secure.