Smart solutions for modern challenges

1st Containers has the experience to offer optimal solutions for even complex and demanding storage requirements.

While 1st Containers has built its name through supplying a vast portfolio of containers, this is not the only field of expertise it excels in. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in logistics and transportation, and developed capacities for handling large and complex storage and shipping container modifications. In several situations, we have found the only solution that met all of a clients requirements regarding storage capacity and budgeting.

Some shipments involve bulky or irregularly shaped cargo that can’t be easily fitted into standard containers, but this presents no obstacle for 1st Containers. We have all the equipment and know-how to tackle tricky items and if needed, we have the in-house expertise to modify standard shipping containers to make them ideal for even the most unique storage challenge.

The loading can take place at any chosen location (site conditions permitting), and containers can be taken directly to the required port for further transit.

No matter how bulky or heavy your cargo is, and no matter how distant the destination, 1st Containers can offer you a great storage solution to help reduce expenses and give you peace of mind.