Helping families and businesses move abroad

Rent storage units from 1st Containers and make packaging and storing your items for relocation a stress free process from start to finish.

There are many reasons why people and businesses choose to move to another country, and this can be an exciting, but challenging time. One common issue is the need to temporially securely store both bulky and potentially fragile items. Instead of hiring a removal company to move personal belongings, many customers would benefit from consulting a container specialist like 1st Containers. Many removal companies charge their services by the hour, so just loading your already packaged furniture might turn into an expensive and stressful task. Since goods are rarely shipped right away to foreign countries, removal companies sometimes take goods into warehouses, with the potential to run up a sizeable bill if there are any delays. In effect, that means that expenses can accumulate before your journey even starts.

1st Containers can help customers takes a different, more efficient approach! Customers can simply choose a container thats large enough to fit their belongings comfortably into. 20ft containers have 1160 cubic feet of internal space and are frequently chosen for household relocations, while 40ft containers with 2360 cubic feet of available storage space are more often used for business relocations or large houses. Our delivery team will arrive to the address you specify and leave the unit in a convenient and safe location, allowing you to sort and load your goods into the container at your leisure. This allows customers to avoid paying high per hour fees while gaining a lot of flexibility.

We apply the highest standards of professionalism to all aspects of service, from helping you choose the most appropriate container, to keeping tight schedules when it comes to delivering shipping containers. Our employees are well versed in the technical ‘dos and don’ts’ of the container industry, and can readily provide sound advice to help you ensure that everything runs according to plan.