To help our visitors get all the answers quickly, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Please scroll down the list and look for the issue that you want resolved – chances are you will find it there. However, if your question is not answered here, don’t hesitate to call us directly at 0870 241 8735 and talk to one of our helpful team.

There are many container companies on the internet – why should I choose 1st Containers?
With over 80 years of combined experience in the industry, our team has unique expertise you can’t find anywhere else, while our container stock is one of the broadest in the market.

How secure are shipping containers?
Shipping units supplied by 1st Containers are manufactured precisely to specifications and adhere to the highest quality standards. They are resistant to the weather and pests and well protected against theft. The addition of a steel lockbox can take security to another level, and is available at request.

How durable are shipping containers?
All of our products are constructed from high-quality materials, most importantly corten steel, with superior craftsmanship.

Are shipping containers expensive?
1st Containers offers very competitive rates on both new and used containers. Obviously, used units come at a lower price, and are affordable to almost everyone. For an accurate quote for specific units, please complete our online enquiry form of call us by phone on 0870 241 8735.

Can shipping containers be converted for other purposes?
Yes they can, with a variety of customisations and advanced features added. 1st Containers can perform all the conversion work, and deliver fully functional office or accommodation units, onsite kitchens or washrooms, and a range of other facilities. For more information, please visit our container conversion section.

Which container size do you recommend?
Our products range in length from 6ft to 40ft, so we are able to meet your requirements no matter how large the volume of cargo that you need to store is. As a general rule, we recommend the following sizes based on the amount of needed space:
8ft container (2.3m), 9.95 m3: contents of a one-bedroom home
10ft container (3m), 15.9 m3: contents of two-bedroom home
20ft container (6.1 m), 33.2 m3: contents of a three/ four bedroom home
40ft container (12.2 m), 67.6 m3: very large private properties or industrial scale cargo

How is the container delivered to my location?
We organise delivery of purchased or rented container units anywhere in the United Kingdom, with full logistical support. Just tell us your address and specify any obstructions that might restrict access, and our team will arrange the rest.

How do I prepare the site for delivery of the shipping container?
The only thing the client needs to do before the container arrives is to ensure that the surface where the container will be positioned is relatively flat and firm enough to support the weight of the unit. Preparing the grounds is your responsibility, but our delivery team will gladly assist you with positioning the container in such a way that its doors can open properly.

How should shipping containers be maintained?
The Shipping containers supplied by 1st Containers require minimal maintenance, even if they are used in harsh marine environments or exposed to extreme weather. Greasing the hinges and locking rods in regular intervals is a good way to keep the doors perfectly operational.

Are there any issues with condensation within the containers?
Units supplied by 1st Containers come with standard ventilation that is usually sufficient to prevent any moisture from collecting inside the unit. In cases where additional precautions must be taken, it is possible to install moisture traps to completely eliminate any issue.

Do I need planning permission for my container?
Shipping containers are usually classified as temporary structures, and as such can be erected without permission from planning authorities. However, if the location is in a protected area, then it might be necessary to obtain their authorisation. If you have any doubts, make sure to check the exact status of your area before making an order.

What to do when the container is no longer needed?
1st Containers provides its customers with the ability to return unwanted containers. We will buy back the container and send a vehicle to remove it from your property.

Is it possible to buy containers in bulk quantities?
Yes, as a major supplier of shipping containers, 1st Containers maintains a large stock of all models and sizes at all times. That allows us to make prompt bulk deliveries anywhere in the UK or Europe.