6FT Standard Steel Storage Container

External dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)
Internal dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)

5ft 6in x 6ft 5in x 6ft 3 1/2 in
1.68m x 1.96m x 1.92m
6ft x 6ft 5in x 5ft 8 1/2 in
1.829m x 1.96m x 1.741m

8FT Standard Steel Storage Container

External dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)
Internal dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)
Door aperture
(W) x (H)

8ft x 7ft 2in x 7ft 4 1/2 in
2.438m x 2.200m x 2.260m
7ft 5in x 6ft 9in x 6ft 8in
2.275m x 2.107m x 2.070m
6ft 9in x 6ft 4in
2.07m x 1.945m

* Whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible, container measurements can vary slightly.

Small and highly adaptable shipping containers

The most compact product from 1st Containers is ideal for household and garden storage or businesses in need of a little extra secure on-site storage.

As a company that works with a wide variety of private and commercial clients, 1st Containers tries to keep its product portfolio as diverse as possible. Our 6ft long shipping containers are the smallest units in our product range, but despite their seemingly small dimensions, they can be very practical and hold a surprisingly large volume of goods. They are made of corten steel using the latest manufacturing technology by experienced engineers, and they are just as reliable, secure and durable as any other shipping container we supply. 6ft storage containers are available to buy or rent, so they offer a cost effective storage solution for home and business owners alike.

Our 6ft and 8ft containers are frequently used by homeowners in need of extra room, sometimes on a temporary basis and sometimes as permanent solutions. They are commonly used to store furniture, household appliances, garden equipment, workman’s equipment, small quantities of commercial cargo and a wide array of other items. Our dry storage units are weatherproof and protect goods from moisture, so they are ideal for an outdoor setting such as a garden or office grounds. They can also be locked to protect them from intrusion, while all the edges are well sealed, preventing vermin from gaining access. Additional protection can be installed on request, with lock pads, alarms and other security features available as customisations.

Our 8ft shipping containers are popular due to their practicality and affordable price, they are also mobile and flexible. The same container can be used in multiple roles, moved between locations or converted for a different purpose. Most importantly, shipping containers from 1st Containers are built to last, making them a cost effective solution to your storage needs.

We offer competitive short and long-term hire rates on our containers. Prefer to buy? We stock a wide range of units in a variety of sizes. If you need any advice on how to select the perfect container, please either complete our online form or contact our experienced in-house team for more information.

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