Ship your goods like the big boys with 1st Containers!

Through consolidation services, 1st Containers helps smaller customers enjoy the benefits that are typically reserved for larger operators moving bulk quantities.

In addition to being one of the premier suppliers of shipping containers in the UK, 1st Containers is also directly involved in transporting goods. Because of our experience and well developed capacity for large scale shipping, we are often able to offer our small-to-medium customers a unique possibility to consolidate their cargo into a larger shipment and let them take advantage of economies of scale.

To illustrate our consolidation service with a simple example, not every company can fill up an entire 40ft container for every trip, forcing them to send smaller packages and incur higher costs per unit than would be available for bulk shipping. 1st Containers can solve this difficulty by consolidating shipments and using the full capacity of the container. This makes it financially viable for smaller companies to expand their business outreach.

All goods are transported in our weather proof, secure containers. In addition to providing high quality storage, we take preferred delivery timetables into account and try to make sure that all important deadlines are met. In many instances, consolidation service provided by 1st Containers may be the one of the best ways to get a shipment from A to B, not only the most affordable.

We take security and punctuality very seriously, which is why numerous companies use our consolidation services time and time again.